“Patty treats his instrument (a button accordion, not even a piano accordion, which I always thought would be easier to play) as though it has no limitations. He plays hot club and klezmer, Western swing, country, “old-tymey hot jazz,” and in-the-minute improvisations.”   Pamela Espeland – BeBopified

“Their debut record, The Mercury Blues, is steeped in the traditions of jazz, blues, and western swing. The band’s new studio album opens the door and settles you inside a speakeasy during the prohibition era.”   Youa Vang – Gimme Noise/City Pages

“If  Patty (Patrick Harison) is there with the accordion, you’ll hear the repertoire of spooky, minor-keyed, Gypsy-influenced songs.”  Dan Baum – New Yorker

“So, to Muppet-ify Patty we’d describe him as divided somewhere between Gonzo the Great and Sam the Eagle. His dual role as traditionalist and irreverent outlaw reared hilarious results.”   Dave Hoencak – Hymie’s Vintage Records

“The minute Patty & The Buttons takes the stage, your woes won’t be able to stick around, as the band’s love for “hot rhythm and happy feet” is most definitely contagious. The combo of the clarinet, accordion, guitar, and bass is a surprisingly light and playful one, although Patty can be melancholy if he wants to be. Regardless, good tunes bring good moods”  Secrets of The City
“Just Over the Gloryland” finds Harison’s voice channeling old-school Mason Jennings vibes, while the laid-back “Abiline” benefits immensely from the interplay between Balluff’s clarinet work and Harison’s accordion chops. “Bechet’s Fantasy,” an instrumental cut, gives off an old-timey feel that will sound just right on a hot, heavy night.  Bryan Lund – Rochester Post Bulletin